• James Keirstead talks ‘Entrepreneur Ecosystems’ at PWC Vision-to-Reality Event

    Levven Electronics president James Keirstead spoke at yesterday’s PWC Vision to Reality Awards in Edmonton. This award program seeks to recognize Canada’s most forward-thinking and innovative organizations.

    Levven Electronics president James Keirstead speaks about innovation culture at PWC V2R Vision to Reality
    Levven Electronics president James Keirstead speaks about innovation culture at PWC V2R Vision to Reality. Pictured from left to right: Amy Brohman (Marketing, PWC), David Bryan (Partner, PWC), James Keirstead (Levven Electronics), Don Iveson (Mayor, Edmonton) Catherine O'Neill, (Marketing, PWC)

    Rainforest Innovation Culture

    “To become a hub of innovation, we need a culture that encourages natural collisions between entrepreneurs, funders, subject experts, and service providers. When we break out of our typical circles, we give ourselves the opportunity to spark something new.

    “We call that the ‘rainforest’ – a flourishing ecosystem with many species, combining in new and interesting ways. Often creating something we’ve never seen before.

    Levven Electronics came from a non-related industry, but is now a full-bore tech concern. We decided to enter the home automation market with simple power-control modules. We introduced our first GoConex power control products in 2013. Back then, we would have told you we were a device manufacturer. We’ve since invested heavily in our development team. Now we’re building out a complete software platform to connect devices, open up home automation to possibilities that never existed before, and make it available and affordable to everyone in their home and commercial building.

    “In short, we started as a vertical integration play, morphed into a device manufacturer and morphed again into a platform company that’s poised to disrupt an entire industry. But we weren’t in a vacuum here. We were rubbing shoulders – getting advice and input from innumerable coaches, contemporaries, and even competitors.”

    Making Your Own Innovation Leap

    “Many think innovation comes in rare leaps like the light bulb, radio, or iPod.  People say, ‘I can’t come up with something that revolutionary, so why even try.’ That’s all wrong. Anyone can innovate. Innovation is a series of little steps that lead to game-changing ideas. It’s not a rare single epiphany. It’s a process.

    “If we’re going to disrupt our businesses, our community, our industries, and the world, we need to swing for the fence and invest in hiring and retaining the world class talent developing right here in our community.

    • Get involved in your community by attending networking events and innovation ecosystem summits.
    • Look to scale and grow outside of your province and country. We can compete globally.
    • Take more risk. Invest more in technology, start new projects, and hire development people.

    If you do so, your business and our community will flourish.”

    James Keirstead is an Edmonton-based “serial entrepreneur” and the president of Levven Electronics. For his contribution in pioneering GoConex wire-free power control technology, James was a 2017 Manning Innovation Award co-winner.

  • GoConex Wire-Free Switching Wins 2017 Manning Innovation Award

    Levven Electronics president James Keirstead and research & development director Jim Qualie have claimed a prestigious Manning Innovation Award for pioneering the wireless technology behind the GoConex wire-free switch.

    GoConex wire-free switching increases convenience and safety while reducing economic and environmental costs for builders, installing trades, and homeowners.


    The Ernest C. Manning Foundation presents the Innovation Award to talented Canadian innovators who are improving the lives of Canadians and others worldwide through their commercialized innovations. The 36th Annual Awards were presented at a gala event in Toronto’s Scotiabank Centre on Nov 29.

    “It is an honour to be selected as a Manning Innovation award recipient,” says Keirstead, CEO and President of Edmonton-based Levven Electronics. “Canada is relying on its innovators to connect, collaborate, experiment and solve big problems.”

    “The GoConex wire-free switch speeds up construction, increases work capacity, conserves resources and labour, and introduces new features that wired switches can’t easily or cost-effectively deliver.” Keirstead explains.  “We are seeing builders and electricians adopt this innovation because it gives them a way to earn new dollars that traditional wired switches can’t provide.”

    By eliminating the need to physically connect switches to lights and other devices, the GoConex switch erases the economic and environmental cost of installing wire and boxes inside the wall for wired switches. In a typical new home build, wire-free switching conserves hundreds of feet of copper wire, dozens of electrical boxes, and hours of skilled labour. These savings actually make the cost of wire-free less expensive than traditional wiring.

    Jim Qualie, director of Research and Development at Levven Electronics, said, “It’s wonderful that the Ernest C. Manning Foundation celebrates Canadian innovators. Taking risks to do new things, to create, and to be committed to what drives them. It feels amazing to receive an award for doing the things I love to do.”

    Builder and electrical contracting companies partnered with GoConex are installing wire-free switches in new residential projects in Alberta and Arizona. To enquire about using GoConex in your residential or commercial project, contact Levven Electronics.

  • Edmonton Journal covers Levven’s SpaBoy, GoConex and GoRave Products

    Photograph by: Shaughn Butts , Edmonton Journal. Levven Electronics president James Keirstead with the SpaBoy phone app and the SpaBoy controller.

    What does the future hold for spa, audio and switch products? Bill Mah, Business Journalist for the Edmonton Journal, interviewed Levven President James Keirstead to find out.

    ► Read the complete story at edmontonjournal.com.

  • CTV News covers SpaBoy by Levven

    CTV Edmonton’s Consumer Watch Reporter Kim Taylor reported on SpaBoy by Levven Electronics.

    Thank you for telling the people about one of our products! Original post by CTV can be found here.

  • Levven launches GoRave – first product in the Go Family

    We want you to enjoy the Big Audio that’s trapped in your smartphone, tablet or computer devices. GoRave unlocks your audio and lets you cast music, podcasts and video from any app on your device out to great-sounding loudspeakers installed in your space.

    At Levven, we are passionate about enhancing your spaces and the way you live. We focus our design, manufacturing and customer efforts to “bring automation to the everyday guy”.

    GoRave is the first in our new GO family of automation products. Visit http://gorave.com to start your GoRave experience.