9 Signs You’re Ready for Wireless Audio

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What are your entertainment preferences? Is wireless multi-room audio a worthwhile investment for you? Wireless audio manufacturers like Levven Audio, Sonos and Russound hope the answer is “yes”.

Score yourself. Below are 9 signs you’re ready for wireless audio in your home or work space. Add up your score as you go.

1. You have a smartphone

Smartphones (specifically the market-leading Android phones and Apple iPhones) are a central fixtures in your life. According to a 2014 mobile usage survey, you use your smartphone to listen to music (46%), play games (57%) and watch video (30%).  (source: ExactTarget)Adding wireless audio to your home or work enhances your smartphone music, video and gaming experiences.

Add +1 to your score if you have a smartphone.


2. You have a tablet

Tablets are mega popular. If someone owns a smartphone, there’s a 73% chance they also own a tablet. 40% of tablet owners use their device to watch video, 36% listen to music and 58% play games (source: ExactTarget).All of these entertainment activities are improved when wireless audio is added to the experience.

If you have a tablet, add +1 to your score.


3. You have a laptop

64% of Americans owned a laptop in 2013. That’s a lot of people with laptops. (source: gallup.com)Are you a laptop user who likes playing games, browsing videos, watching TV shows, playing movies and listening to streaming radio? If yes, then this is Reason #3 why you’re ready for wireless audio in your home or work space.

Laptop user? Add +1 to your score.


4. You like music

Music is everywhere. Hundreds of thousands of people are creating it and billions of us are enjoying it.If playing and enjoying music is an important part of your day or an important part of your business, then you will really value wireless audio in your space.

Music fan? Add +2 to your wireless audio score.


5. You use YouTube

What does YouTube give us? Everything! Funny videos about cats, innumerable how-to guides, comedy, commentary, stunts and satire… it’s all on YouTube. The icing on the cake: YouTube is the #1 streaming music service in the world. It’s the number one source of music for people age 16-24. It’s number one channel is the Music channel. 88 million people subscribe to it. You can listen to anything you want and it’s free.

Of the top 30 most-viewed videos on YouTube, 29 are music videos. The one exception preventing music’s total Top 30 domination is the viral “Charlie Bit My Finger” which, amazingly, has 806 million views.

Regardless of your appetite for music or other video content, YouTube is an important source of information and entertainment in our lives.

Add +1 to your score if you use YouTube.


6. You watch Netflix

There are a lot of people watching TV shows and movies on Netflix. 35 million in America and 3 million in Canada. Netflix may be the largest streaming provider of movies and TV, but by no means is it the only service available. Hulu and Amazon Instant Video also have significant market share.Mostly, we watch Netflix on our TVs or computers, but interestingly, 23% of Netflix subscribers use it on their smartphone and 15% on their tablet. (source: Nielsen).

Watching subscription video content on your small mobile devices is improved with wireless audio.

Add +1 to your wireless audio score.


7. You play video games

Audio in video games has come a long way from the 8-bit mono channel sounds your Dad got from his Atari 2600. Today’s video game audio creates a foundation for the whole game experience. The soundtrack determines the mood. Voice acting tells the story. Sounds effects punctuate your gameplay.The majority of us play games on our consoles (Xbox, Playstation, etc) and computers. However, a third of American’s also play on their mobile tablets and smartphones. (source: ESA)

New trend: people aren’t just playing video games. They’re watching other people play video games! Apps like Twitch hook you up to watch multi-player games on the internet. What does that sound like?

No matter how you’re playing, you’ll always want the audio to support your gaming experience.

Playing video games:

Add +1 to your wireless audio score.


8. You choose simplicity before complexity

You value simplicity, ease of use and speed. You don’t buy things that look hard to use. You don’t read the instructions. You lose your focus and patience if your computer or TV takes too long to start. Wireless audio is faster and simpler than traditional wired audio. There are no wires between your source and your amplifier. It’s quicker to install and easier to use.

If you prefer simplicity to complexity:

Add +1 to your score.


9. You are social

Hosting events for family, friends or colleagues requires audio. Dinners need background music. Parties need a soundtrack. Business events have A/V presentations.

If easy control of your audio directly from your device is important during a social event:

Add +1 to your score.


Add up your wireless audio score

Add up your score from the above points. What did you get?

0-3 points:

You’re a traditionalist. You enjoy a good CD collection and prime time cable TV. Our recommendation: do not buy. Wireless audio isn’t something you’ll value. Instead, have a night on the town. Enjoy dinner and a play at your local theatre. You’ll be home for the 11 o’clock news.

4-5 points:

Your entertainment preferences are a more modern. You enjoy a variety of content from several sources. Wireless audio could be great for you. Are you shopping for a new home? Are you renovating or building a work space? Consider adding wireless multi-room audio to your project.

6-10 points:

You are a modernist. You use multiple devices to consume a different entertainment content during the day and night. Installed multi-room wireless audio would be amazing for you. You will love it. Your friends, family and guests will love it.

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