“We decided to go with Levven because we could put the switches wherever we needed. They make our design and construction process easier. Having the controls mobile device-accessible makes this an easy decision for the building industry.”

Dan BrazinhaPresident, Look Master Builder

“We realized time savings with seven different trade partners. Combined, we’re saving 15 to 20 man-hours per home.”

Dallas MurphyVice President of Construction (Arizona), LGI Homes

“I am writing to express our gratitude for Levven Controls. Using Levven Controls has reduced the cost of our electrical installations! This certainly is a competitive advantage for the new home industry.”

Reza NasseriCEO, Landmark Homes

“Levven Controls do what they say. We are saving time and money on every job, whether it’s new construction or renovation.”

Chuck HaskinsPresident of Haskins Electric

“Our biggest savings are on labor. We see Levven Controls as a huge benefit in in this ever-tightening new construction market.”

Chuck HaskinsPresident, Haskins Electric

“Levven Controls solves the problem when you look at the home and say, ‘Oh! I wish that switch wasn’t there, I wish I could move it.’ Another run for the electrician. 32 more feet of wire or 62 more feet of wire. Drywall, patching, dust, dirt everywhere.”

With Levven Controls, you could have your superintendent go and say ‘Would you put a couple more of these switches in for the customer?’ And you’re done. Boom.

Tim CostelloPresident and CEO of BDX

“I see the builder benefit – it’s obvious. We’ve got miles of wire in every house that’s only there for control. It’s not providing power, it’s just providing control. With Levven Controls, the builder can say, ‘I don’t have to knock holes in the wall. I don’t have to run wire.'”

Tim CostelloPresident and CEO of BDX

“Levven Controls wireless dimming kits are a simple way to add dimming for lights, and to put dimming switches wherever they’re handy (even among your remote controls).”

Marty WinstonEditor, Newstips Bulletin

“Just wanted to say your product is just fantastic. In less than a minute got light switch going for the top and bottom of the basement stairs. It would have cost $300 or $400 for an electrician to run a new switch line in my finished basement. Just a great product!”

Sydney SmithLowe's Customer

“Incredibly easy to install a switch! I wanted to install a 3-way switch to operate the light from both ends of the hall. I wasn’t keen on running wire through my ceiling and wall to do the extra switch. Works perfectly and only took me about 20 minutes start to finish!”

J. KennedyLowe's Customer

Levven Controls allows you to add a switch literally anywhere you would like, for a fraction of time it would take to do a wired switch. It works flawlessly and looks identical to other rocker switches.

Jesus VillarinoNew Jersey, USA

This saved me a lot of time in doing a 3-way switch. I installed this product today. It didn’t take long to do it, and it saved me from cutting into the drywall or running the 14/3 wire for a three-way switch. It was very easy to set up the two switches as well. Very impressed with the product, and I would recommend.

DereckLowe's Customer

Just wanted to say your product is just fantastic. In less than a minute had a light switch at the top and bottom of the stairs. It would have cost $300 or $400 for a electrician to run a new line in a finished basement. Just a great product, I can see it replacing copper wires.

DewolfLowe's Customer

Great product! Just installed this product today and it worked perfectly! I was able to install the module into the existing switch box then add the 2 enclosed switches in the locations desired. The original switch box was covered with a blank plate after the switches were linked. Linking the switches to the module took several tries so don’t give up too soon.

BillLowe's Customer

Perfectly easy. Bought two of these controllers with additional wireless switches to redo my kitchen lighting. Connected the fixture wires with the controller, placed the controller into the junction box, then attached the fixture. Pairing the controller with the wireless switches was simple. I will never run another wire for a switch, this wireless method is the way to go.

Jon SacconeLowe's Customer

I bought three of these to make the job of replacing “knob-and-tube wiring” easier. The old wiring was between two finished floors and would have meant making holes in the gyproc to get the new wires down to the original wall switches. The live wires were snaked between the joists to the fixtures the controllers connected in the outlet boxes. The wireless switches replaced the old wall switches and also enabled me to put a switch in a spot where it would have been difficult before – just screwed the switch onto the wall. No gyproc patching and trying to match the original paint when finished.

Fidd LerLowe's Customer

I recently purchased Levven Controls for a 4-way and remote switch setup and absolutely love the system. I am now looking to install another system in my recreational space with dimming capability.

James BarkeyHome Owner

All I had to do was connect the Levven Controls receiver into the junction box and mount the switches on the wall. Time saving, cost saving. I was blown away by the simplicity and ease of use. My client got a great deal and they loved the results.

Larry PyrzOwner, Mr. Did's Custom Touch

“Levven Controls lets us do a new switch in 30 minutes versus 2 hours with wire. If I bid the job with traditional switches, I get extra profit with the labor saved installing Levven Controls.”

Anthony RhodesOwner, Advance Electric

I wish other companies were as customer-focused as Levven.

David CulpCEO, Acme Corporation

Clients think we have to cut holes in the wall to get these lights and switches connected. They’re happy because the job gets finished faster and for less money. We can assure them their walls or tile backsplash won’t be damaged.

Anthony RhodesOwner, Advance Electric

“The pure ease of installation makes it worth it. Any time you try to fish wire down someone’s wall, you never know what you’re going to find. Fire blocking, pipes, and other things you have to cut around. I know I’ll be using a lot of these switches. Levven Controls is a home run – I love the product.”

Anthony RhodesOwner, Advance Electric

This is an easy fix for moving a light switch. I moved my living room light switch without having to run wire thru a cove ceiling and lathe and plaster walls. Easy to install and works.

SimonCustomer, Destination Lighting

A recent client wanted lighting on his patio. It would have been difficult to do a switch with water and natural gas pipes in the wall. We found a hot line, ran it to the different lights, put a Levven Controls receiver in one of the boxes and put the Levven Controls switch inside by the door. We would have never been able to do that switch without cutting the wall open.

Anthony RhodesOwner, Advance Electric