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Levven Audio provides convenience without clutter

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What Our Clients Say

Trevor Scott General Manager - Crystal Creek Homes

We have installed Levven Controls in over 50 homes with no issues. The material cost savings are real, and the time savings are real, and our electricians agree that Levven makes live easier and produces higher-quality outcome.

Anil Somaia Sales Manager - Landmark Homes

Switching to Levven has made our trades more efficient and made every switch smart capable. Traditionally, all the trades have to work around electrical boxes. Hence a mistake can cost us time and money. This is no longer the case with wire-free switches.

Charlie Electrical Contractor

This clever device saved running wires from my client's newly constructed detached garage. They now have a switch for exterior lights, another in the house, and a third in their car for when coming home in the dark hours.

Victoria New Homeowner

I am extremely happy choosing a home with Levven Controls. I like to be as energy efficient as possible and Levven enables me to accomplish that goal. It integrates seamlessly with Google Home and Alexa making whole-home automation convenient.

Matthew New Homeowner

Levven gives me peace of mind about costs and my environmental impact. They have unlocked new levels of convenience for me. Levven also helped me reduce my environmental impact while building my dream home. Small changes, big difference.

Alysa Amazon Customer

I bought these for a new dining room light where wiring was going to be a pain. The system works great and saved me from running 50 ft of wire, with multiple dry wall patches along the way. I don’t think I’ll ever install a conventional switch again.

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