Green Home Construction? Start with 540 Feet of Copper

Conserving copper wire materials in green home construction

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The average new home has 27 light switches and 40 light bulbs. With an average of 20 feet of wire per switch, 540 feet of copper wire is consumed by switches in every house.

We Need Copper, but…

Most copper ores contain only a small percentage of copper metal bound up in other rocks and minerals so mining companies operate large-scale extraction and refining operations to achieve economies of scale. Copper mining operations inflict immense damage on the ecology and water resources around them.

The environmental impact of copper mining includes erosion, contamination of soil and water, and destruction of ecosystems. Contamination from leaking chemicals often affects the health of the local population.

Wiring in New Homes

Copper wire conductor is certainly required in modern home building, but we no longer need it for switches. What can manufacturers and builders do to conserve resources and reduce these negative environmental consequences?

Wire-free power control is one way to ensure sustainable building philosophies are followed up with action. Mining for copper wire no longer needs to be part of your home-building story.

New Path for your Brand’s Conservation Story

Wire-free controls like Levven Controls don’t use wire to switch power. The switch is mounted on the finished surface instead of connecting to a box through a hole in the wall. Eliminating the wired switch leg saves 540 feet of copper wire and 27 switch boxes in every house.

Builders who reduce material consumption and advertise a sustainable building brand message attract more environmentally conscious Home Buyers.

Every project contributes to conservation savings. If every new home in North America were to eliminate wired switches, we would be able to: Builders contributing to these wire-free savings add to their brand’s “conservation story” without impacting the price of the home.

Become a Levven Controls Partner

Our objective is to help make your homes more green, unlock new customers, and increase profit for your business. Contact us to request a conversation about how we can help you do this.

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