A Sustainable Conservation Strategy for the Building Industry

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Leaders in the construction industry are being given a “technology key” to a sustainable conservation strategy. This will profoundly change the lives of people around the world and our environment.

Your technology key reduces the cost of construction to make the essential need of shelter more affordable to more people.

Your technology key conserves materials and energy over the lifetime of the building by giving people freedom to personalize the electrical installation and controls.

Your technology key simplifies and speeds jobs for everyone to see people champion the initiative.

Join us in a sustainable conservation strategy anchored in these four pillars. Traditional construction methods require 12 steps by 6 trades to install wall switches throughout the building, consuming days of skilled labor.

Levven Controls reduces the 12 steps to 2 steps completed by one trade. This eases the pressure on all the trades, so they’re able to complete more projects, faster, with the same number of workers.

The electrical trade is introduced to new technology that elevates skills for individuals and companies to adapt and support changing market needs and expectations. Giving the construction industry smart building technology that lowers the cost of construction provides essential shelter to more people around the world.

Democratizing smart building technology presents the greatest potential to improve our communities and the lives of people.

Making smart building technology available to everyone elevates the standard of living giving people tools to reduce energy consumption and lower monthly operating expenses. Reducing the time to complete building projects improves bottom-line performance for developers, builders, trades.

New control choices and smart building technology give people and businesses new ways to reduce energy consumption and lower their operating costs.

Over the lifetime of the building, as spaces change to accommodate different users, Levven products can be configured over and over without a time or financial cost or damage to the building. Levven Controls eliminates the pipe, wire, and boxes used to connect electrical load to wall switches. This saves more than 35 percent of the pipe, copper wire, and boxes in the building.

Over the lifetime of the building, generations of renovations will no longer discover pipe, wire, boxes, staples, connectors and switches hiding behind the walls to be discarded into community landfills. Levven Controls are made to be re-purposed over and over as needed.

Beyond conserving materials for the lifetime of the building, every building with Levven Controls offers All-Off switching and mobile device control features that reduce energy consumption. “If people were able to talk openly about how buildings are constructed and how people use them, it would be better, right?” Join us in a conversation about a sustainable conservation strategy for your business. Learn more about Levven Controls here.

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