Cord Cutters and Cable Nevers: More Money for Builders

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Cord cutters’ trend mean fewer traditional subscribers

Last year, the number of Americans who pay for TV through cable, satellite or fiber services fell by more than 250,000. After decades of growth, 2013 was the first year where the total number of pay-TV subscribers has fallen.

People are still watching a lot of video, they’re just not paying traditional providers for the content and they’re not using their TV to watch it.

Cord cutters’ effect on the housing industry

The Cord Cutting trend affects cable companies of course, but it is also affecting the housing industry and their effectiveness with the Cord Cutting generation. Builders are being forced to look how their product is aligned with the way customers are living today.

The twenty-somethings who use Hulu, Netflix, Crackle and YouTube to stream their favorite shows on their devices are used to a life without cable. This generational shift in content consumption is what companies selling to this generation worry about.

The trend of people watching video with their devices is so powerful that pay-TV carriers have developed services for delivering video on tablets and smartphones.

Builders’ opportunity to profit from the cord cutting trend

Builders can enable the new Cord Cutting home buyer to enjoy big audio from the devices and apps they’re using to watch movies and video.

  • Unlock big audio from your tablet, computer and smartphone.
  • Use all the apps you already love
  • Enjoy audio on great-sounding installed loudspeakers when playing content on your devices.
  • Easy, seamless “push-to-play” experience

Unlock Big Audio when you:

  • watch movies,
  • consume videos,
  • enjoy streaming TV shows,
  • play games,
  • listen to podcasts,
  • and of course, play music on your devices.

Levven Audio is the only installed product in the world that does this all of this and is affordable for the 1st-time home buyer to own.

Attract new buyers. Profit from the way customers are choosing to live today.

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