wireless switches in Alberta new home construction

Government of Alberta Leads the Way in Approving Wire-Free Switching for Residential Construction

Alberta’s Department of Municipal Affairs has issued a new Electrical Standata permitting wire-free switching in all new construction projects. “This is really good news for home builders, electrical contractors and home buyers,” said Levven Electronics vice president Marv Verlage. “We appreciate the Alberta Government’s leadership in recognizing wire-free switches as a safe method to control…

Image of man using a light switch remote

Light Switch Answers for DIY Home Owners

Before acting to solve their switch problem, home owners often ask questions like: “How do I add a switch on the other side of my room?” “Can I make a three-way switch here so both switches control the light?” “How do I put a switch on my kitchen backsplash?” “I have a small bathroom. How far does the switch need to safely be from the shower?”