GoRave App Available on iTunes App Store

couple using gorave app in living room

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Levven Audio (GoRave) app is up and it’s free

Super easy controls: volume up and down

Quick volume control app for your Levven wireless audio. Nearby AR5 Audio Senders automatically show up in the app when you’re casting audio with your Levven Audio Sender. Turn the volume up and down on each AR5 in your space.


Possible audio scenarios for you:

  • Play the music loud with the AR5 connected in your kitchen and living room but leave it quiet or muted on the AR5 that plays in the bedroom.
  • Turn the volume up on the AR5 you have connected to the speakers in your garage. Turn it down in the living room / dining room.

That’s the power of the app! Multi-zone volume control.


Get the Levven Audio app from the App Store:


GoRave app on itunes: screenshot


Search for “GoRave” to install the app on your Apple device or download the app from https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/gorave/id777947884.

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