Secure Future Profits
Multiplying Productivity Today.

Secure Future Profits
Multiplying Productivity Today.

Faster Rough-In

A standardized installation method reduces materials and tasks to predictably complete rough-in one day sooner. Completing more installations in the same time increases piece worker earnings and company profits.

Increase Cash Flow

Convert inventory, time, and vehicle expenses into cash flow.

Switch Placement Change
Switch Missing
Switch Reversed
Switch Not Functioning
Switch Damaged

Shrink Rework 31%

Eliminate repairs to switches in occupied homes and reduce rework during construction. Elevate builder client preference by reducing costs and frustration for staff, builder personnel, and homeowners.

$2665 Market Advantage

Secure more business by lowering builder construction costs while including app-enabled controls throughout the home.

Real-time updates and in-app feature upgrades make paying any price for smart switches obsolete.

See How

Move Connections

Switch connections move to the ceiling electrical junction boxes.

Compare Methods

See the two ways to install switches.


Compare installation with wired switches to two-component wireless switching.

Field Verified Results

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& Conservation Results



Work with The Best

The electrician who led the single-story comparison asked to share why Levven is better for him and his family. Attract and work beside the best talent in the market by increasing earnings, satisfaction, profits, and productivity across the business.

Get productivity results and pricing specific to your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Levven power controllers and switches communicate via secure radio frequency. The baseline connection is independent of the internet, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc., keeping the homeowners’ Netflix stream lag-free.


At trim or at pre-final in locations where temporary lighting is required before final.

Place orders fast with Levven Avenue

  • Certified trade partners purchase direct from the factory.
  • Trades place orders after the electrical rough-in for each installation.
  • Trade purchasing enters single pole, 3-way and 4-way switches for each installation online.



Levven matches the trade warranty period to the home builder.

Levven Self-Service Guide

Consumers use the Levven app to resolve issues. When additional support is required, consumers establish contact with Levven Support via the app.

When Levven Support confirms hardware needs to be replaced the following steps are taken.

    • Switch batteries are shipped to the consumer overnight via Amazon.
    • Switches and Levven Q are shipped to the consumer overnight via Amazon. Consumer pairs the switch or Levven Q following step-by-step instructions.
    • When Power Controllers need to be replaced, a service ticket is issued to the installing trade by Levven. When the trade has completed the service work, Levven pays the trade for the service call.

Material and labor savings with Levven are calculated to set pricing specific to each business.

Understanding that building methods, local codes and company purchasing power are different, Levven recognizes these differences to provide pricing.  

Our pricing tool stays current with market conditions to ensure Levven remains the lowest-priced method to install a switch in a new home while producing the highest profit for the business.

Levven certified trade partners complete:

    • Online training and certification are specific to their role(s) in the company.
    • Train the trainer field certification
    • In-field training by company trainers.

  • Share a link to this web page to make your crews aware.
  • See product information here – Products