Wire-Free Controls for Home Owners and Consumers

Convenient. Adaptable. Responsible.

Choosing Levven intelligent controls in your home provides the ability to personalize the controls while conserving building materials and our environment.

Home owners appreciate the subtle improvements in how their switches look, work and feel, while having more choices to include new features today and in the future.

Simple and adaptable

Levven Controls look and operate like traditional rocker switches. However, Levven switches are wire-free and use reliable RF technology to operate the lights and electrical loads in the home.

Levven Controls provide a simple freedom that makes day-to-day living easier.

  • Add or move switches is accomplished in minutes without damaging your home
  • Put switches where you want them, on any surface
  • Choose what each switch operates at any time
wireless switch mounted in wall

What homeowners say about Levven Controls:

Intelligent Power Control

Peace of mind.

Your home’s electrical controls can adapt to suit life’s changing needs.

Levven Controls offers the option of mobile device access, control, and personalization for every switch in the home. Turn things on and off – or change what a switch controls – from your mobile device.

Combining the familiarity of traditional switches with mobile device access offers peace of mind. Homes with Levven Q are both relevant to today’s needs and capable of adapting to deliver benefits from future technology.

Levven Q connects is how mobile devices access every switch in the home to deliver simple over the air updates.

With Levven Q, you can:

  • Use the free app (available on the Android and Apple store)
  • Name each switch and light for easy identification
  • Turn lights on and off
  • Create lighting zones
  • Customize which lights a switch operates
  • See which lights are on in the home
  • Apply over-the-air updates to keep your system current

Controls that do the little extras for you

Portable switches for convenience, safety, and security

Levven portable switches put the controls where you need them: on your bedside table, attached to the sun visor of your car, on your shop bench or in your purse.

Get instant convenience, security, and peace of mind with lighting controls where you need them.

portable wireless switch photo - small
Levven Controls portable switches

Multi-light pathway controls for convenience and comfort

Switches can send on/off and dim commands to any light inside or outside of the home. Create switches that operate the lights you use to illuminate your common pathways.

Place a switch on the visor of your car to turn on the exterior coach lights, interior garage lights, mud room lights and kitchen island pendant lights for a well-lit, safe, and secure path when driving up to and walking into your home.

wireless switch controlling a single area or pathway
A switch set to control the lights for an area or pathway.

All-on/off master switches save energy and increase safety

Control every light in your home with the simple press on one switch.

Pair a Levven Controls switch with all of the controllers in the home to operate every light from a single point. This ensures all lights are turned off when you leave for the day. All-on/off master switches save energy and money.

wireless switch controlling all lights in a house
One switch set to control all lights.

Showcase your designer’s touch

Levven’s Designer Series switches use less space on the wall than decorator switches.

Designer Series switches finish with a screwless trim plate for a sleek, smooth, elegant appearance.

Mount switches vertically for a compact traditional appearance, or horizontally for a modern appearance.

Levven designer switches are a simple, affordable way to personalize your home and spaces with a contemporary designer’s touch.

comparison of three wireless switches with single traditional decorator switch
One traditional decorator-style switch (pictured above left) occupies as much wall space as three compact Levven Designer Series switches (right) when oriented horizontally.

Levven Controls are eco-friendly.

Homes using Levven Controls help reduce the building industry’s environmental footprint.

Material Conservation

There are 482,000 commercial buildings in Canada[1] and 5.6 million commercial buildings in the USA[2]. Each year, an estimated 315,000 of those undergo renovations. If 10% of those renovations adopt Levven Controls wire-free products, over 10 years we will save 176,000 tons of copper, 50,000 tons of steel, 123,000 tons of plastic, and 16 million tons of CO2 equivalent gasses

Reusable – No Waste

All Levven Controls products are reusable. This sustainable design will help generations of renovations.

Power Conservation

All-off, master switching ensures no light is left on, saving energy and money.

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