Wire-Free Controls for Residential Builders

Shrinking the price gap to compete with pre-owned homes

Delivering a new home at a price buyers can obtain a mortgage for is challenging with ever-increasing land, labor, and material costs.

Pre-owned homes are priced 28 to 34% lower than new, contributing to 9 pre-owned homes sold to every one new home.

Home builders wanting to deliver more new homes can shrink the price, value, and capacity gap by embracing Levven Controls.

Support to build and deliver more homes

To sell more homes requires building more homes.

Builder Magazine reports that “for every young person entering the construction workforce, five are aging out of the field.” Adding capacity for the construction trades to build more homes with a continually shrinking workforce is critical.

This is where Levven Controls has focused its resources.

  • Simplifying the jobs of multiple trades so homes can be constructed faster
  • Staying with existing trade skills and workflow
  • Maintaining or reducing the base cost of the home and simplifying builder jobs through standardization

Opportunity for efficiency

The current method of installing the electrical system showed the ideal opportunity for technology to simplify jobs for multiple trades.

Eliminating the wire to the switches simplifies the electrical, framing, insulation, drywall, and painting installation work.

Using Levven Controls, homes are being constructed and delivered 1.5 to 3 days faster.

What People are Saying:

Intelligent Functionality

Intelligent Technology Helps Everyone


For Design

Simplifying the job to design every home with results that meet every buyer’s expectations. Levven wire-free controls mount on the surface and can be personalized to the buyer’s needs at any time during or after construction.


For Purchasing

Decrease base home cost. Standardize on one method for every home. Simplify scheduling and coordination.


For Construction

Speed up construction and complete homes faster. Simplify the coordination of electrical rough-in, drywall, painting, and finishing trades while improving quality and consistency in every home.


For Sales & Marketing

Levven wire-free controls cost less and are the standard in every home. Buyer’s can access all the controls from their mobile device, increasing the value of the home, making your homes more competitive.

Intelligent Homes: Smart Without the Cost

Buyers can access and personalize Levven Controls from their mobile device.

Levven Q connects mobile devices to all of the Levven switches and controllers in the home. Home owners can change what any switch operates from the convenience of their mobile device.

Unlike ‘smart switches’, Levven Controls do not add cost at construction. Rather, they deliver value to the home buyer that would normally cost thousands of dollars.

Results Levven Q delivers to new home buyers:

  • Turn lights on and off using switches and mobile devices
  • Change what a switch operates from a mobile device
  • Customize and save lighting zones and scenes

Intelligent Resource Conservation

Eco-Friendly Outcomes Without Paying More

Material Conservation

Eliminate an average of 800ft of copper wire per new home, steel/plastic for switch boxes and reduce materials required for wired-switch legs (wire nuts, drywall patching for switch holes, vapor boots)

Less Landfill Waste

Construction with wire-free controls generates less drywall, vapor barrier, and wire-clipping waste

Reuse and Recycle

Switches and controls can be re-purposed for ‘generations of renovations’. They don’t need to be thrown away or destroyed.

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