Intelligent Electrical Infrastructure for New Construction

Elevate the electrical installation from a cost center to a competitive advantage

Triple the results the electrical installation delivers to your business:

  1. Elevate the speed and capacity of skilled workers by simplifying their jobs so they can finish more work every day.
  2. Improve coordination, consistency, and quality of workers to improve the bottom line for the trades, developers, and builders.
  3. Include mobile device access, control, and personalization of all the electrical controls as a standard feature of every installation.

Increase speed, capacity, and quality for 8 different trades

Build more homes faster

Traditional electrical installation methods are an opportunity for technology to improve the speed, consistency, quality, and capacity of 8 different trades.

  • Concrete
  • Millwork
  • Electrical
  • Painting
  • Framing
  • Sheetrock
  • Insulation
  • Tile

Levven Controls simplify jobs by eliminating the wire between the light and the wall switch.

The consistency and quality of every project are elevated as trades no longer need to work around electrical switch boxes and wire in the wall.

Builder Magazine reports that “for every young person entering the construction workforce, five are aging out of the field.” Simplifying jobs expands the capacity of available skilled trades to complete more projects.

A flexible, expandable foundation

Levven technology separates the common electrical switch into its two functional components:

  • the rocker portion people use – Levven Switches
  • the electrical contacts portion that controls the flow of power – Levven Controllers

Unlike wired switches that can only be located where an electrical box can be installed during construction, Levven switches are mounted on the surface exactly where needed after the walls are painted.

Levven controllers are installed inside an electrical junction box where the light and power are connected, or in a junction box anywhere between the electrical panel and the light.

Controllers receive on, off, and dim commands from switches to change the flow of power.

Eco-friendly results for the environment and the bottom line

Completing projects with less conduit, wire, switch boxes, staples, connectors, steel cable protection plates, and foam insulation conserves precious resources and generates less waste without adding cost.

Material Conservation

A average single family home will save 500 to 1500 feet of copper wire, 10 to 30 switch boxes, 90 to 300 wire nuts, cable staples, steel cable protection plates, and foam insulation used to fill plate penetrations. Multi-family, high-rise, and commercial projects will conserve higher amounts.

Less Landfill Waste

Levven controls eliminate 30% of the electrical switch boxes, which produces less drywall and wire-clipping waste to pick up on the site and dispose into landfill.

Reuse and Recycle

Unlike wired switches where wire and electrical boxes are thrown away when renovating, Levven switches and controls can be re-purposed to further conserve these materials for ‘generations of renovations’.

Mobile device power control

Projects delivered with Levven intelligent infrastructure look and operate like traditional light switches, while offering the choice to add mobile device access, control, and personalization.

Levven Q

Levven Q connects mobile devices to operate every Levven switch and controller in the home.

The Levven app is available on the Android and Apple store. A one-time setup wizard helps owners enjoy the convenience, safety and energy saving features people value:

  • Name switches and lights for easy identification
  • Turn lights on and off (individually, or all)
  • See which lights are on in the home
  • Create lighting zones
  • Change what lights a switch on the wall operates
  • Apply updates to enjoy the newest features
  • Choose to operate on or off the cloud
  • Integration with other products through an open API (Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.)

Convert a cost center into a competitive advantage

Levven delivers builders the only smart home offer that differentiates a new home from every pre-owned home and retail DIY smart switch in the market.


  Wired Switches Smart Switches Levven
Cost (Cost of switch + installation) × number of switches in the home (Cost of smart switch + installation) × number of switches in the home Lowers cost of constructing the home
Time Time required for wiring Adds time to install and program Saves 1.5 to 3 days, no programming
Capacity No new labor capacity added No new labor capacity added Uses less labor, increases capacity to build more homes
Conservation None None Save 500 to 1500 feet of wire plus boxes, etc

Levven intelligent infrastructure is the competitive standard for new builders. Make intelligent buildings available to everyone while improving top and bottom line results, and making a difference in our environment.

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