Levven Controls Designer Switch

  • Wirelessly communicates with Levven power controllers, Levven Q, and Levven app to switch on, off, or dim the electrical load.
  • Multi-functional – does both on/off and dim depending on the type of power controller it’s paired to. Press and release either end of the rocker to on/off. Press and hold either end of the rocker to brighten up or dim down.
  • Uses a replaceable 3V CR2032 lithium coin cell battery. Battery life is rated for 7-10 years at 15 operations per day. Takes less than 11 secs to replace.
  • LED light indicates that the switch was turned on/off or that the battery is low.
  • Available in white (CSQW) and requires Levven screw-less snap-on plates.

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Levven Designer switches wirelessly communicate with power controllers to on, off, and dim electrical loads. It uses a snap-on style connection compared to the Levven Decora-style switches. It can be used as a single switch with a Levven screw-less snap-on plate, or up to four switches can be interlocked together. This allows for a smaller switch “footprint” on the wall and optimal switch placement. Designer switches are finished with screw-less snap-on cover plates.