Wireless Sound Systems and Audio Products

Levven Audio's Wireless Sound System Components

Soul Play – all-in-one receiver/amplifier
Soul Play all in one receiver and amplifier to enable wireless speakers for TV for wireless sound systems
  • Receives wireless audio from your mobile devices, laptops, and TV.
  • Amplifies and plays the audio to a maximum of four speakers installed in the home.
  • Works with two wireless protocols: Bluetooth for music, or SKAA for multi-room and delay-free TV/video audio.
  • Use individually, or connect one or more Soul Plays, Soul Bars, Soul Subs, TVs, or SKAA-compatible speaker brands for multi-room sound.
  • Offers flexibility and simplicity; easy to use for everyone.
Soul Bar
Wireless sound bar as wireless speakers for TV
  • 100W wireless soundbar
  • The Soul Bar produces remarkable high-fidelity audio. Enjoy rich, full sound from your TV or mobile devices.
  • No unsightly wires between the TV and Soul Bar soundbar. You have the choice to mount it by the TV or move it around the room.
  • Control volume from your TV remote, Soul Bar, or mobile device.
  • Play from one source throughout the home using the Bluetooth receive and relay mode.
Soul Sub
Wireless subwoofer for wireless sound systems product photo
  • 8-inch 110W wireless subwoofer
  • The Soul Sub generates the deep low-frequency sounds needed to complete your aural experience.
  • Wirelessly connect the sub to any Soul product to be truly immersed in your music or video content.
  • More than one Soul Sub can be connected and used in your home.
Wireless SKAA TV Transmitter
SKAA wireless transmitter for wireless speakers for TV or other SKAA compatible devices in wireless sound systems
  • Play delay-free, wireless audio from your television to any Soul product or SKAA-compatible portable speaker.
  • No wire required to connect with the Soul Bar soundbar.
  • Connect the transmitter to the TV’s optical output.

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