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Livingrtoom: wireless multi room audio system

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We’re very proud of the positive review Levven wireless audio received from Dennis Burger for this month’s issue of Residential Systems.

Residential Systems is a popular trade publication for custom integration home AV and automation. What did they say about Levven Audio?

The miracle of audio in multiple rooms

We are in an era of rapid technological change. This is a boon for consumers (more choice) and a challenge for professional installers (a lot of technologies to put together).

The reviewer posits Levven Audio as “a truly integrator-friendly distributed audio product that is designed from the ground up to bring custom-installed multi-zone audio into the wireless, digital, super-convenient-and-not-too-expensive modern digital music age.”

Plug and play simplicity

Burger begins his review with praise for Levven Audio’s simplicity. We worked hard to make Levven Audio easy to install and elegantly simple to use. Having this mentioned in a Residential Systems review is very encouraging!

Along with simplicity, Burger also appreciates Levven Audio’s “virtual lack of latency, its excellent audio quality, and the fact that you don’t have to dig around in your portable audio device’s menus to start streaming audio to external devices.”

After an objective discussion of Levven’s Audio Senders, the AR5 Audio Receiver, loudspeakers, wireless range and sound quality, the reviewer grants us a favorable conclusion.

“If you’re looking for an easy-to-install, integration-friendly distributed audio system that reflects the way most people are consuming personal entertainment these days, go with Levven Audio,” he concludes.

Pros and cons

Burger liked the simplicity of Levven Audio’s “plug and play” audio. He also liked the flexibility Levven Audio offers pro installers. Levven Audio’s sound quality and low latency times received kudos too.

“Levven Audio is a flexible, customizable SKAA-based wireless muti-zone audio system that’s easy to install and easier to use, with great sound quality and no latency.”

“Using the system does require that a tiny, easy-to-lose dongle be attached to your portable audio device.”

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