The Risk and Reward of Electrical Service Jobs

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Anthony Rhodes, owner of Advance Electric in Lancaster, California, spoke to us about the risk of electrical service and repair jobs.

“$1000 worth of damage is possible on a $200 job.”

“When I send my guys to a service job, I have to just hope it works out. The risk of damaging the client’s property is what I worry about. $1000 worth of damage is possible on a $200 job,” confessed Rhodes.

“What’s behind this wall? Did I drill through a water line? Now I gotta call a plumber. Need to cut a hole in the wall for a switch? I could break the tile backsplash, cut through old wiring or fall through the ceiling if I’m in the attic fishing a wire.”

When moving and adding switches, Rhodes and his Advance Electric crews eliminate the risk of damage by using Levven Controls wire-free power control, because it eliminates the switch leg.

“We would have never been able to do that switch without cutting the wall open.”

“A lady client wanted a light over her sink. It’s hard to get wire down the wall to do a switch. We ran a hot to the light and installed the Levven Controls receiver inline. We installed the Levven Controls switch on the wall by the sink. This saved us from having to go in the kitchen wall and risk damaging the plumbing,” relates Rhodes.

“Another recent client wanted lighting on his patio. It would have been difficult to do a switch with water and natural gas pipes in the wall. We found a hot line, ran it to the different lights, put a Levven Controls receiver in one of the boxes and put the Levven Controls switch inside by the door. We would have never been able to do that switch without cutting the wall open.”

“This lets us do a new switch in 30 minutes versus 2 hours with wire.”

Rhodes says his crews can install a switch in a quarter of the time required for a wired switch: “Levven Controls lets us do a new switch in 30 minutes versus 2 hours with wire. If I bid the job with traditional switches, I get extra profit with the labor saved installing Levven Controls.”

“Clients think we have to cut holes in the wall to get these lights and switches connected. They’re happy because the job gets finished faster and for less money. We can assure them their walls or tile backsplash won’t be damaged,” Rhodes explains.

“The pure ease of installation makes it worth it. Any time you try to fish wire down someone’s wall, you never know what you’re going to find. Fire blocking, pipes, and other things you have to cut around. I know I’ll be using a lot of these switches. Levven Controls is a home run – I love the product.” If you need electrical work done in the Lancaster / Palmdale / North Los Angeles area, please contact Anthony at Advance Electric. Phone 661-810-0430.

Eliminating switch risk?

We welcome electrical trades and distributors who’d like Levven Controls switches in their next project.

  • Eliminate the risk of cutting walls and fishing wire.
  • Reduce time required to install switches.
  • Offer customers more features.
  • Complete more jobs using your existing crew.
  • Increase profit without raising prices.

Our objective is to unlock new customers and increase profit for your business. Use the form below to request a conversation about how we can help you do this.

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