Wireless Electrical Switch Controls Approved for Construction in Saskatchewan

Image of SaskPower building - wireless electrical switch approved

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SaskPower’s Electrical Inspections Department now accepts wire-free switching in all new construction projects.

In a statement, Chief Electrical Inspector and Director of Electrical Inspections Michael Anderson agreed that the Alberta’s recent acceptance of wire-free controls in new homes made good sense for Saskatchewan too.

“SaskPower Electrical Inspections, for Saskatchewan, accepts wireless switches in all applications including for rules 30-500 to 30-510 of the Canadian Electrical Code, similar to Alberta,” he wrote.

Wire-Free Controls Advance the Entire Construction Industry

“It’s great to see another forward-thinking building inspection authority recognize wire-free switches as a safe method to control power. This is good news for construction companies, electrical trades, and home buyers,” said Levven Electronics vice president Marv Verlage.

Wire-free controls:

  • Lowers the cost of construction
  • Simplifies residential and commercial electrical installations
  • Makes the trades’ jobs easier and faster
  • Makes homes smart- and BMS-ready without added cost or complexity
  • Provides new control options that reduce energy costs, increase convenience, and improved safety and security
  • Conserves an average of 800 feet of copper wire per home by eliminating the wire, pipe, and boxes required for wired switches

Alberta and Saskatchewan Leading the Way

Edmonton-based Levven Electronics Ltd. designs and manufactures wire-free control products in Alberta. Levven Controls separate the common switch into its two operating components. The wireless rocker switch can go on any surface and sends RF commands to on/off and dimmer controllers. Controllers fit in electrical boxes and control the flow of power. The efficiencies and conservation opportunities this technology delivers earned it the 2017 Manning Innovation Award.

“It’s rare when a new product can provide value and benefit without impacting affordability,” says Levven Electronics CEO James Keirstead. “We’ve been working with construction developers and contractors in Alberta who see this value and using Levven Controls in their projects. It’s great that Saskatchewan has the leadership and vision to allow wire-free switches in new residential construction too. This paves the way for better, smarter, and more responsible infrastructure across Canada.”

“Alberta and Saskatchewan recognize that there are no safety concerns around wire-free switching,” notes Verlage. “There’s a significant conservation story with wire-free construction. When provinces like BC, Ontario, and Quebec allow wire-free switching, Canada as a whole will conserve a million tons of copper, plastic, and steel and eliminate a hundred million tons of greenhouse gas emissions.”

No Extra Cost to Build Smart, Environmentally-Friendly Homes

All Levven Controls are smart and BMS-ready out of the box without the price tag that normally comes with IoT controls.

“An owner has the opportunity to affect every light, fan or anything else with a Levven controller, by switch or by tapping one button in their smartphone app. This means saving power and reducing electricity bills when lights are accidentally left on,” Verlage explains.

Lowering the Builder’s Costs

In the eyes of builders and developers, the environmental benefits are only the tip of the iceberg. Real business benefits are being realized with shorter construction times, reduced waste and materials, and labor efficiencies.

“We do everything we can to lower the cost of the house and make new homes more competitive for home buyers,” says Verlage. “Building with wire-free controls saves labor and construction time. When we ease the cost pressure of the skilled labor shortage, builders and general contractors have more choices in terms of pricing.”

Evolution of the Electrical System

As more builders in Canada and the U.S. continue to adopt wire-free electrical systems, traditional wiring appears to be going the way of the steam engine.

“The builders and contractors we are partnered with recognize the advantages that wire-free systems offer in terms of installation and customer satisfaction,” says Verlage. “Being able to put switches where they belong instead of working around things like pocket doors, pillars and safe distances from water sources is a practical benefit for the customer but when you factor in the reduction in copper, time, effort, costs and benefits, it’s a global game-changer.” Levven Electronics is the designer and manufacturer of Levven Controls wire-free switches. See how home building companies benefit from wire-free controls

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