Cost and Time Saved in Construction with Intelligent Infrastructure

Increase speed, capacity, and quality for 8 different trades Builders can simplify the jobs of eight different trades by eliminating the tasks and problems associated with wiring electrical switches. This is an opportunity for technology to improve the speed, consistency, quality, and capacity of home building companies. Concrete Millwork Electrical Painting Framing Sheetrock Insulation Tile…

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Levven Intelligent Infrastructure showcased at TecHome Summit

Shrinking the price gap between new and pre-owned homes Levven will be hosting sessions and exhibiting at the TecHome Summit in Phoenix this week. We recognize that builders are working to shrink the price gap between new homes and pre-owned properties. Building faster, with less cost, is the key benefit of Levven’s intelligent infrastructure for…

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Alberta Leading Wireless Construction Tech

This February, Alberta became the first province to update its building code to allow for wireless control of electricity in new residential construction. Alberta government officials and business leaders put a spotlight on the change at an event this Tuesday. The #AlbertaBuilderAdvantage event was hosted by Levven Electronics. CBC News was present to cover the…

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