Making Homes More Affordable
Making Homes More Affordable

The Lowest-Cost Way to Provide Switches in New Homes

Smart controls now lower the cost to build and operate a home – increasing the consumer’s purchasing power.

Results People Want

Only when all the controls throughout the home are smart can people get the results they want from technology.

Personalize Controls Without Programming

Combine simple wall switches with mobile device access and voice control to personalize the all controls in their home.

Wall switches are movable, assignable, and configurable from your mobile device without programming, ever!

Green Financial Rewards

Reducing materials and simplifying tasks to lower construction costs grants financial rewards to home builders who build with Levven smart controls.

Consumers are rewarded with no-cost energy-saving controls throughout their home to reduce power consumption and lower monthly power bills for the lifetime of the structure.

What Levven Customers Say

Home builders, professional trades, and homeowners share their experience with Levven Controls.

A Purpose That Unites Us

Making homes more affordable to purchase and operate.

Reduce Build Cycle Days

Increase Homes Built Annually

Reduce Cost to Carry the Home

Increase Profit Per Home

Reduce Customer Acquisition Expense

Learn if your electrical installations align with your business objectives.

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