Intelligent Electrical Controls, Simplified

Levven Controls simplify electrical systems. They provide new value for builders, electricians, home owners, and the environment. Discover how Levven Controls benefit:

  • Lower cost – shrink the price gap with pre-owned homes
  • Build faster – save 1.5 to 3 days of construction time
  • Simplify jobs – increase labor capacity and complete more homes
  • Include a smart electrical system without increasing the base cost of the home
Levven Controls - Chooser Image - Smart Home Lighting for Electrical Contractors
  • Reduce installation costs
  • Complete jobs faster
  • Do more jobs with existing crews
  • Conserve 600 to 1000 feet of wire per new home.
  • Increase profitability
Levven Controls - Chooser Image - Smart Home Lighting for Homeowners
  • Add or move switches in minutes – no wire, no holes, no damage
  • Customize what a switch controls at any time
  • Conserve resources
  • Enjoy new safety, security, and convenience
  • Get a smart-ready home without paying more