Wire-Free Controls for Electrical Contractors

Intelligent Electrical Systems Using Wireless Controls

Labor, Material, and Time Savings at the Lowest Installed Cost

Traditional or smart wired switches increase the cost, time, and complexity for every job with little room for installation efficiencies or improvements.

Levven Controls deliver a wire-free, smart-enabled electrical control system that eliminates the need for wired switch boxes. Switches can go wherever they’re needed after construction is complete.

Professional electrical contractors using Levven Controls can:

Boost Productivity

  • Complete jobs faster and with better outcomes
  • Increase the capacity of their labor
  • Do more jobs with existing crews

Immediate Value

  • Provide smart-ready electrical controls without added cost or complexity
  • Lower installation costs
  • Increase profitability

Sustainability and Conservation

  • Conserve resources like copper, steel, and plastic
  • Reduce construction waste
  • Be shielded from rising copper prices

wireless lighting control - switches and dimmers

Levven Controls offers a better electrical system. It provides a new advantage for trades and builders, and makes intelligent buildings available to everyone.

What People are Saying:

Intelligent Functionality

Intelligent Infrastructure: Smart Homes Without the Cost

Levven Controls work just like a traditional wired-switch except each is smart-enabled. Levven Q provides home owners with the ability to control electrical loads from mobile devices or computers.

Smart controls cost an average of $100 per switch. All Levven Controls are natively smart without costing more, for a savings of over $3,200 for the average home.

With Levven Q, new home owners able to:

  • Remotely turn lights on and off from devices
  • Set and save customizable scenes
  • Change switch configurations and what they control from their phone
  • Feel secure because Levven Controls Q uses state-of-the-art encryption

Intelligent Resource Conservation

Eco-Friendly Outcomes Without Paying More

Material Conservation

Eliminate an average of 800ft of copper wire per new home, steel/plastic for switch boxes and reduce materials required for wired-switch legs (wire nuts, drywall patching for switch holes, vapor boots)

Less Landfill Waste

Construction with wire-free controls generates less drywall, vapor barrier, and wire-clipping waste

Reuse and Recycle

Switches and controls can be re-purposed during demolition or renovation. They don’t need to be thrown away or destroyed.

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wireless lighting control - switch and receiver

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Levven Controls professional products for electrical contractors.

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Our wire-free control technology has been recognized by national organizations.

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Builder and contractor partners have been enjoying success with Levven Controls.

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Levven Controls are available at wholesale and retail partners in Canada and the United States.

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