Simplifying construction to lower costs and build more homes

Levven Controls enables builders to increase the capacity of their skilled labor, lower the cost and price of the home, lower the cost to acquire new customers, and reap the benefits of sustainable conservation.

What professionals in the home building industry say about Levven:

Sustainable conservation: reducing waste material without increasing cost

Conserving Materials

Levven Controls makes conservation truly sustainable: it doesn’t increase the cost of the home and it simplifies construction.

The average starter home consumes 600+ feet of wire to install switches. If all new housing construction in North America was constructed with Levven Controls this year, we’d save over 1 billion feet of copper wire. That amount of wire would circle our planet 7.85 times – every year.

Placed end-to-end, the switch boxes conserved in one year would stretch between New York City and San Antonio, Texas.

The combined amount of wire nuts, staples, and cable protection plates conserved would fill an Olympic size swimming pool every year.

Reuse for Future Owners

Unlike wired switches where wire and electrical boxes are thrown away when renovating, Levven switches and controls can be re-purposed to further conserve these materials for ‘generations of renovations’.

There is no reason to continue consuming these products. Switching with Levven adds no cost and does not compromise expectations. Together, Levven, home builders in residential construction, trades, and home owners can conserve these resources for the generations to come.

Next step:

Engage all trades to quantify the cost savings.

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