Wire-Free Controls for Inspectors

What are Levven Controls?

Levven controls use a hard-wired on/off or dimming controller in an electrical box and a battery-powered (10 year) switch transmitter which can be mounted on any surface. They are designed and manufactured to meet building electrical safety codes and standards.

  • Move or add switches to accommodate changing lives and spaces.
  • Change what a switch controls at any time.
  • Set one switch to control multiple rooms or the whole home.

Why Use Levven Controls?

  • People have controls when and where they want them.
  • Controls look and operate like traditional switches.
  • Mount on building surfaces where people expect switches.
  • Controls can be portable for convenient control when people move about.
  • Line voltage removed from the vicinity of the switch for improved safety.
  • Secure hard wireless connection.
  • Conservation of steel, plastic and copper building materials.

Levven Controls Approvals

Leven Controls is winning acceptance and endorsement from governments around the world. Contact us to inquire about your region.

How do Levven Controls Work?

Levven switches and controllers work together to wirelessly turn electrical loads on and off.

A wireless switch sends on/off commands to controller(s) located in electrical junction box. A controller can switch multiple lights up to its load type rating. Use more controllers when the load is larger than a single controller’s rating.

Download the Levven Controls overview for Inspectors, Builders and Specifiers or the NRTL Installation Summary Report.

Improved Safety

Levven Controls eliminate live voltage at the switch, which means it they be installed in areas where traditional switching is unsafe. Small bathrooms can now have switches inside the bathroom.

Switch use in commercial and industrial areas as allowed by the Canadian Electrical Code. Levven Controls are a safe way to deliver convenient switching for consumers and businesses.

Personal Security

Zone and all on-off master switching provide additional security opportunities for consumers and industry. Because Levven Controls can easily be paired to one or more controllers that can control a bank of lights, this option becomes available to everyone. Security guards can turn lights on or off from safe locations. Home owners can turn on some or all their home lights as they drive up.

A switch can be paired to turn on the bedroom lights, the hallway lights and the bathroom lights for their child or elderly parent.

Product Specifications

Levven Switches

  • Function: Transmits on/off or dim commands
  • Wireless Range: 75 meters / 250 feet
  • Frequency: 900 MHz band
  • Encryption: 128 bit
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to 50°C. Indoor use only.
  • Battery: CR2032 3V lithium ion battery
  • Levven Controls GSW and GSLA switches fit decorator cover plate with standard hardware
  • Levven Controls Pro PDKW and PDKLA switches snap together and fit slim designer cover plate
Download Levven Controls Switch Specifications
Download Levven Controls Pro Switch Specifications

Levven Controllers

  • Function: Receiver with On/Off or Dim Controller
  • Frequency: 900 MHz band
  • Encryption: 128 bit
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to 50°C. Indoor use only.
Download Levven Controls Pro 10A Controller Specifications
Download Levven Controls Pro 20A Controller Specifications
Download Levven Controls Pro 1.5A Dimming Controller Specifications

Meeting Building and Electrical Safety Codes: Certifications and Approvals



Standard UL 244A, Issued: 2003/04/30 Ed: 3 Rev: 2013/08/15 Solid-State Controls for Appliances

  • Almost all “in junction box” competitive products are certified to this standard.
  • This standard applies to Levven Controls
  • The Levven Controls and Levven Controls Pro Controllers conform to this standard and have the cETLus listed mark.


Switch intentional radiator: Part 15.249, Band 902 – 928 MHz, FCC ID: 2ADH9-GSW

Controller unintentional radiator: Part 15.249, Band 902 – 928 MHz, FCC ID: 2ADH9-G2CF

Search transition.fcc.gov with Levven Controls grantee code 2ADH9 to review all FCC documents.

Testing Labs

Levven Controls products are tested by a Nationally Recognized Testing Lab (NRTL). Certification Marks of the NRTL is accepted by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) in both Canada and the US. Levven Controls currently use Intertek as their NRTL and their products bear the cINTERTEKus Certification Mark for both Canada and the US, but may change to another lab at any time.

All inspectors are encouraged to keep current their knowledge of NRTLs and marks as they change. Levven Controls currently uses Intertek, but may change to another lab at any time.

Test Report

The NRTL report includes:

  • Product information, specifications and ratings
  • Photos of the product internals with components identified
  • What standards were tested
  • How the tests were performed
  • How the product is to be installed and used
  • The results of the test and indication of compliance
  • Identifies safety critical components in the product – components that cannot be substituted without retesting and updating the report
  • Identifies polymeric material tests (flammability of plastics)
  • Specifies any factory tasks that must be performed such as dielectric or hi-potential (hi-pot) testing
  • Packaging and labelling requirements, marking requirements

Factory Inspection

Ensures Levven continues manufacturing the product as indicated in the report.

Authorization to Mark

Levven is approved to use the NRTL mark on our product.

ETL mark - logo for building electrical safety code compliance



Standard CSA C22.2#14, Issued: 2013/03/01 Ed:12 Industrial Control Equipment

  • This Standard applies to control and protective devices, and accessory devices, rated at not more than 1500 V, for starting, stopping, regulating, controlling, or protecting electric motors, generators, heating apparatus, or other equipment used to control an industrial process that is intended to be installed and used in non-hazardous locations in accordance with the rules of the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I.
  • This standard applies to Levven Controls.
  • The Levven Controls and Levven Controls Pro Controllers are certified to this standard and have an cETLus listed mark.

Industry Canada

These devices meet Industry Canada’s procedural and specification requirements for certification.

Levven Controls and Levven Controls Pro switches IC ID: 12453A-GSW

Levven Controls and Levven Controls Pro controllers IC ID: 12453A-G2CF

Inspection Friendly

Learn how Levven Controls will help you improve the convenience and security of your home.

Building Permits

Let us know what information can we contribute to help your inspectors identify and pass a Levven installation.

Engineering Contact

For additional information about residential electrical standards, commercial electrical standards, and approvals in your jurisdiction, please contact Levven’s Engineering Department:

Jim Qualie, P.Eng
Levven Director of Research & Development
780-391-3000 ext 1004