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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can download the Levven Audio / GoRave software app?

If you have more than one GoRave Receiver, the free GoRave app lets you adjust the volume or mute individual speakers and receivers.

  • Continue to use the volume buttons on your device or in your favorite entertainment apps to control the volume.
  • Use the free GoRave app to mute or adjust the volume on individual speakers and receivers.
  • Save personalized room labels, e.g. “Kitchen” or “Katie’s Bedroom”.

Download the GoRave volume control app for your device:

Apple iOS




What’s New in Version 2.2.633

  • Fixed a bug where AR5 page 2 settings were sometimes not shown correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where AR5 page 2 settings sometimes failed to save.
  • Added support for receiver audio modes: left-only, right-only, and mixed-mono.
  • Added new room types for AR5 page 2 channels.
  • Volume level now shown as number as well as slider.
  • Various bug fixes and minor improvements.

Why won't my Audio Sender work after installing the iOS 11 update?

If you are experiencing problems with GoRave SKAA transmitter after updating your device to iOS 11, please contact our customer service department,  and we can help you resolve this issue.

Phone: 844-533-8836 


Contact form: please click here.

How do I pair an Audio Sender to an Audio Receiver?

Plug in your Audio Sender and start playing some audio on your device. Now use the Connect Button on the Receiver to add that Audio Sender to the Receiver’s Favorites List. Watch the Quick Start Guide for a detailed explanation of the Favorites List:

Click here to watch the Quick Start Guide

Click here to watch the advanced guide for Favorites List and Zones

Where can I buy Levven Audio products?

Visit the Where to Buy page for more information.

Troubleshooting Audio Products

Both my device and my GoRave AR5 are powered on, but I can't hear any audio.

If the GoRave receiver is powered on but not producing sound, check the LED indicator.  If LED indicator is dim amber or dim green:

  • The Audio Receiver is waiting to receive a signal from an Audio Sender.
  • Select and insert an Audio Sender into a device, open an entertainment app and press play to transmit sound to the Receiver.
  • When you hear your audio, press and hold the Connect button for 3 seconds to save that Audio Sender to the Favorites List. The LED status indicator will turn bright green.
  • Use The GoRave App to confirm that the Audio Sender you are using is connected.

Other possibilities – can’t hear any audio:

  • Are the loudspeakers correctly connected to the AR5 Audio Receiver?
    • Are the speaker wires securely connected in the terminal blocks?
    • Are the terminal blocks securely connected in the speakers and the AR5?
    • Are the positive (+) and negative (-) connections the same at both ends of the speaker wire?
    • Example: you have a two-conductor speaker wire with black and red wires inside. If your black wire is connected to “negative” on one end, is should be connected to “negative” on the other end.
  • Is the volume on the device set too low?
    • Is your device (smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop) on mute?
    • Unmute or increase the volume on your device.
  • Is the GoRave app running?
    • Apple devices with the older 30-pin connection must run the GoRave volume-control app to play audio.
    • Try restarting the app (closing the app on your device and then opening it again).
  • Is your mobile device further than 40 feet (12.2 meters) away?
    • Bring the transmitting device closer to the AR5 Audio Receiver.
  • Is another device transmitting at low volume from another Audio Sender?
    • Disconnect the first Audio Sender and start playback with the second.
    • Press the Connect button 6 times to clear the Favorites List and reset volume settings in the AR5.
  • Is the device with the Audio Sender turned on?
    • Is audio actually playing on your device?
    • Start playback of audio on your device.
  • Do you have more than one AR5 Audio Receiver installed in your space?
    • Is your audio playing from speakers connected to the other Audio Receiver?
    • Use the GoRave app on your smartphone or tablet device and increase the volume of the muted AR5 so that you can hear audio playing on both speakers.

One of my loudspeakers is not playing any sound.

The polarity may be reversed for this speaker. To test this, swap the two wires (positive “+” and negative “-“) in the speaker connector.

Uninstall the speaker from its mount. Take the wire that was connected to the positive terminal and connect it to the negative. Likewise, take the wire that was connected to negative and put it onto the positive terminal.

If the speaker starts playing correctly, secure the wire connections and reinstall the speaker into its mount.

The LED light is flashing rather fast and the GoRave AR5 feels hot to the touch. What's going on?

The LED indicator will continuously flash with a fast, high frequency when one of these conditions is detected:

a. The GoRave AR5 was set to operate beyond its specifications.

To resolve the issue, try:

  • Lowering the volume
  • Resetting (remove then reconnect) the wireless Audio Sender
  • Turn the power to the GoRave AR5 off then on.

b. The fault protection circuit has shut off the amplifier.

  • This occurs only when there is faulty speaker wiring, or a problem with overheating.
  • Unplug the system and wait for the amplifier to cool. Correct the wiring fault then reconnect the power. The GoRave AR5 will reset.
  • If the problem is not corrected or reoccurs, contact your professional installer.