Texas Electrician Finds Best Way to Install a Wireless Light Switch

Image of wireless light switch in Texas

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Electrician Horst Litke has been working in the commercial and residential electrical trade for over 40 years. Today he frequents Meletio Lighting in Dallas, Texas for electrical supplies like lamps, fixtures, and Levven Controls wire-free switches.

Commercial Lighting Problem Solved with Wireless Switch

“The first time I used a Levven Controls switch was last year,” recalls Litke. “I had a restaurant customer in downtown Dallas who wanted more lighting and switches in a storage room. The room had concrete walls. I noticed these new wireless switches on display and thought, ‘that’s going to save me a lot of work.’ I bought six of them.”

As an electrical contractor, Litke’s enthusiasm for reliable wireless switching isn’t unique. His buy-before-you-try attitude was a surprise for us, though. Other contractors have reported that their first Levven Controls purchase was one or two switches to try on a small job. After a successful test, they came back and stocked their truck with more. Litke saw the problem-solving potential of Levven Controls on the first day and decided to grab a half-dozen.

“The restaurant storage room job went perfectly,” he concluded. “I installed the Levven Controls up on the ceiling lights. The last step was to mount the wireless switches on those concrete walls. I was happy, my customer was happy.”

Using Wireless Light Switch for Residential Lighting

“I use Levven Controls switches in both commercial and residential jobs,” says Litke. “I recently did some LED undercabinet lighting for a home. The transformer for the LEDs was above the cabinets. I didn’t want to cut into the wall and run wire for the switch. I put the Levven Controls controller up on top with the transformer and put the switch down on the wall.”

“They’re great to use where you can’t get wiring in the wall, like a concrete or cinderblock wall. I use it wherever I can. It saves labor.”

Horst Litke is originally from Vancouver, Canada. He got his start as a professional electrician doing high rises in Edmonton during the 1970s. He now runs an electrical contracting company based in Pottsboro, Texas.

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