The Ideal Electrical Installation of Levven Controls

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Quality trades doing quality work means you’ve moving into a quality home. Installing free smart switches throughout the entire home – with no increase in construction cost – is a key benefit of Levven controls in new homes.


What do you see in this picture?


  1. The first thing you notice in this pic is the exceptional cable management completed by the electrician [1].
  2. How is smart lighting accomplished in this home? See [2] the Levven Q and instruction booklet? The Levven Q here means the homeowner has access to every electrical control in the home. They can use voice control or use the Levven app on their mobile device. Turn things on or off. Dimming. Timers. Personalize the home. Change what a switch does in seconds! Very convenient.
  3. Also notice [3] the blue pairing plate for Levven Q. If there’s ever a need to add a new switch, the homeowner can press this to add the new hardware and make it accessible to the Levven Q mobile gateway.

I’d like to take a moment to celebrating RKay Electrical in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for this great example of a quality electrical installation, including Levven controls and Levven Q. Thanks RKay Electrical for letting us shine a little light on the care and pride you deliver every day, we’re proud to work with you.


How are the smart switches made free?


It’s only when smart switches are made free to the builder, trade, and homeowner that we can join together to improve lives and improve the environment.

Levven converts the cost of installing hard-wired switches into value with free smart switches throughout the home.

Builders switching with Levven gain $223,000 for every 100 homes built. Click here to learn how.

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