Most profitable way to provide
switches in new homes

Most profitable way to provide switches in new homes

Modernizing the way people control power

Reduce Materials

Homes built with switches today consume 15% to 30% more wire and boxes than homes with Levven.

Reduce Labor Days

Home Builders and Trades personnel consume 1.6 more days with switches today compared to homes with Levven.

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Gains for the trade to standardize with Levven Controls

Labor efficiency increases capacity

Revenue increase providing Levven Q

Reduce inventory, increase cashflow

Maintain current pricing to builders

Experience and prove the difference

Complimentary products to compare installations

Traditionally Wired

Traditional Wired

Sustainably Wired with Levven

Sustainably Wired with Levven

Packaged for fast installations

Simplifying tasks before the installation

Simple ordering tool

On-site flexibility

Mobile Device

Levven Q Pro

Use a mobile device to configure switches on-site

Good for your business

Support for standardization

We want to prove the financial gains for our business.