Wireless multi-room sound from TV and mobile devices

Freedom to play wireless sound from devices and TVs, across different components, for great sound everywhere.

Unlike single-purpose wireless speakers that play in one room, Levven audio components can relay sound between themselves so you can hear your sound playing in more than one space.

Levven Audio’s complementary rough-in program for new homes provides an easy way for builders and their installers to deliver multi-room sound for home buyers.

  • No-cost, no-risk. Rough-in hardware and labor supplied by manufacturer and trade.
  • Acquire more customers
  • Add revenue
  • Promote a differentiating value that pre-owned homes cannot match
  • Improve the capacity of your skilled trades
Chooser image: wireless home sound system for installers and contractors
  • Easy installation
  • Source of new revenue
  • No network or programming setup
  • Audio works the day they move in
Image: wireless home sound system for home owners
  • Better sound from TV, smartphone, tablet, and laptop devices
  • Complementary rough-in makes audio affordable
  • Components can interconnect to play sound in more than one area
  • Play from different sources individually or one source all together
  • Bring in compatible speakers from different brands to tailor your entertainment experience