Wireless Home Audio, Simplified

Multiply the results your audio products can deliver

The pursuit of better audio has meant purchasing single-purpose audio products: Bluetooth speakers to play from one device in a room, soundbars and subwoofers wired to the TV, and installed speakers for whole-home entertainment.

No more single-purpose products – Levven Audio multiplies your return on investment by doubling the function of every Levven Audio sound bar, subwoofer, and installed speaker. Each component connects wirelessly to give a whole-home sound experience you can drive from your mobile device, laptop, or TV.

Levven Audio’s ‘Soul’ products play sound from mobile devices or TVs in one or more rooms. They can also connect together for multi-room or a whole-home sound experience.

Expanding the TV, Movie, and Video Experience

Getting better sound from the TV used to mean the purchase of a single-purpose audio product: a surround sound receiver wired to speakers, or a soundbar connected to the TV by wire.

Levven Audio puts you in the TV-listening sweet spot. The plug-and-play Levven TV transmitter sends TV sound to Levven Audio products anywhere in and around your home.

The wireless TV transmitter eliminates unsightly wires and sends the TV audio delay-free to any or all Levven Soul Products. Enjoy great sound from TV shows, movies, and videos inside or outside of the home with any one or combination of Levven Audio products.

Make your money go further with Levven Audio.

Levven Audio Soul Play

This all-in-one amplifier and wireless receiver is the heart of Levven Audio entertainment in your space.

  • Works with Bluetooth for music, or SKAA for multi-room and delay-free TV/video audio
  • Use individually, or connect one or more Soul Plays, Soul Bars, Soul Subs, TVs, or Skaa-compatible speaker brands for multi-room sound
  • Powers up to four installed speakers for even sound in any room
  • Elegantly mounts on your wall in a two-gang box
  • Easy and flexible for every family member to use

The Levven Audio Soul Play will be available in early 2019.

Complimentary Rough-in

Before the walls and ceilings are finished, your installer will rough-in a two-gang box, wire, and a pair of speaker mounting brackets free of charge. This makes it very easy and cost-effective for you to select your Levven Audio finishing package.

Instruct your builder to add one or more Levven Audio Soul Play receiver/amplifiers, speakers, soundbars, and subwoofers.

The audio components you select will be installed during the finishing phase, ready to play when you first take possession.

Better than Wi-Fi

Levven Soul Products include two ways to connect wirelessly: Bluetooth and SKAA.

Bluetooth is ideal for mobile devices, laptops and computers to connect and play music. SKAA is the only wireless connection guaranteed to deliver delay-free wireless sound from the shows, movies, and video you play on your TV or mobile device.

SKAA-compatible portable speakers provide great sound when you’re away from home and they are able to connect and play with your Levven Soul products at home.

Lower Cost, Higher Resale

Levven Audio Soul products offer a lower cost of ownership than portable Bluetooth speakers.

Real estate listings that feature installed audio generate more buyer interest and a higher selling price. Installed audio adds value when it’s time to sell.

Ask your builder for a complementary audio rough-in

New homes being built in Canada and America are eligible for a complementary Levven Audio rough-in.

Ask us and we’ll help your builder get this addition done for you.