Wireless Audio for Residential Builders

A Strategy for Builders to Differentiate From Pre-Owned Homes

Helping more home buyers buy new instead of pre-owned.

Levven Audio lets home builders share an installed audio offer that buyers hear loud and clear.

Reduce Cost, Increase Value

Leveraging the cost advantage of new construction with flexible audio connections delivers more value to the home buyer.

Move audio and surround sound off the ‘options’ list to a standard feature that’s ready to be added in every home. Levven Audio provides builders with a complimentary rough-in for a Soul Play all-in one wireless amplifier and receiver and two speakers, increasing the home’s value while reducing cost.

More Value

Differentiate from Pre-Owned

The complimentary rough-in puts builders in a position to monetize wireless sound in every inventory and pre-sale home without risk or cost.

The Soul Play finish package that completes the complimentary rough-in gives home buyers a lower cost of ownership than Bluetooth speaker, making their money go further.

Multiply the Buyer’s ROI

Expanding the Soul Play package is simple. Connect portable speakers, sound bars, and subwoofers to Soul Play and enjoy entertainment sound from TVs and mobile devices in one or more rooms. Multiply the results each product delivers to make the buyers money go further.

Creating More Value for the Home Buyer

Today, home buyers purchase separate audio components. Each item connects and plays in isolation.

Connecting the home together

Levven Audio allows flexible audio connections for home owners. Devices and audio components can play individually, or connect together for wireless whole-home sound inside and outside the house.

Leveraging the cost advantage of new construction gives the buyer the opportunity to stretch their budget and acquire a better audio experience in their new home.

Wireless TV sound

Buyers can play sound from their TV to one or all components around the house when they connect Levven Audio’s TV transmitter into their television’s optical output.

TV sound can be played on Levven Audio soundbars, subwoofers, installed speakers, or Skaa-compatible portable speakers from another brand.

This multi-function flexibility means single-function audio components can now have two or three functions. This multiplication creates greater value for the home buyer.

Complimentary Rough-in Differentiates New from Pre-Owned

Making buyers' decisions simple and easy

A complimentary rough-in positions the builder to monetize every inventory and pre-sale home with wireless sound without risk or cost.

Roughing audio into every home simplifies the sales process. Every buyer is offered the choice to purchase and finish the audio installation in their new home.

What is the audio rough-in?

Before the walls and ceilings are finished, the installer will rough-in a two-gang box, a pair of speaker mounting brackets, and wire. During the finishing phase, the audio components that the buyer selected will be installed.

Multiplying the Buyer's Return on Investment

The economics of portable Bluetooth speakers

Home buyers live in their new home for an average of seven years before selling and moving, according to the National Association of Home Builders.

During this seven-year period, home buyers purchase and replace portable Bluetooth speakers approximately twice a year. This trend of “disposable speakers” costs more and results in a poorer entertainment experience compared to installing audio in the home at the time of construction.

Home builders are adding value and helping home buyers stretch their purchasing power by choosing installed audio rather than Bluetooth speakers. Contact us to learn how.

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