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to build, purchase, and operate.

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Levven Controls

Whole-home smart controls lower the cost to build, purchase, and operate a new home. Levven smart, wire-free electrical controls enable efficient power management in your home. From individual electrical controls to whole-home smart solutions, Levven Controls is scalable to fit your unique needs.

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Embrace the wire-free future

Levven Controls Pro Controllers, Wire-free Switches, Portable Switches, Q Mobile Access Gateway, and much more!

Powerful Integrated Audio

Portable speakers, sound bars, sub woofers, headphones, and installed speakers can play music with perfect synchronization throughout the home.

Levven Audio

Levven Audio brings powerful integrated audio to every room of your home. Experience rich surround sound anywhere – from the living room, kitchen, dining area, kids’ room, to patio, garage, and more! Easily add and connect a sound system with one click. Enjoy the convenience that comes only through Levven Audio systems.

Whole-Home Automation Products

Explore Levven power controller, wireless switches, Q Gateway, whole-home automation app, and more!

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