Levven's Purpose

Designing and manufacturing award-winning products for the construction industry.

Making homes more affordable to build, purchase, and operate is the purpose everyone shares at Levven. We are all passionate about understanding, designing and manufacturing the products needed to help builders and trades reduce time, materials and costs to build and purchase the home while increasing the value everyone receives.

Making the essential need of shelter affordable to more people while reducing the environmental footprint of the home for the lifetime of the structure is a meaningful way to make a difference in the world.


Working with people, suppliers and customers that share our purpose and values, produces an authentic environment for people and business to thrive together.

Be Accountable

We hold our actions and products to a high standard. We vow to do all we can to better serve our users and our planet while saving time, money, energy and resources.

Act With Integrity

We take care of our partners, colleagues, and customers with honesty and transparency.

Do What It Takes

We promise to do all that we can to “make it right” from our users and our employees to our communities and our planet, we strive to build positive relationships by acting as servant-leaders inside and outside of the company.

Levven History



Centre for Engineering Excellence within the University of Alberta




Alberta Microelectronic Center AMC. Designing own electronics products and service. Acquired manufacturing company.




P3C acquired AMC. Designing products. Calgary location. Acquired SMEs.




James Keirstead, Levven



Levven Controls

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Levven Leadership Team

James Keirstead

President and CEO

Providing discipline, rigor and accountability that elevates our promise of making homes more affordable to build purchase and operate is what James brings to Levven as a leader.

Prior to Levven, James was a partner at Blue falls manufacturing where he developed expertise in manufacturing and management.

When he isn’t focused on the business, you can find James on a mountain bike and with his family in Edmonton.

Marv Verlage

Partner and Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Exploring with customers where technology can make homes more affordable to build, purchase and operate is how we gain understanding and insight that shapes our road map for the future.

Marv founded Canada’s largest outsourced professional sales company, serving manufacturers in the electrical, mechanical, civil and pro audio industries.

Time with family, photo journaling motorcycle adventures and mountain biking is where Marv invests time today.

Nimal Rodrigo

Chief Financial Officer

Providing leadership to our management, financial and operations teams to support our promise of making homes more affordable to build, purchase and operate.

Nimal has 28 years experience as a Chartered Accountant and 20 years of experience as a financial and operations executive in organizations ranging from publicly traded companies to start up private companies,

A committed team player with a strong professional network built on results, accountability, compassion, and trust.

Nabil Fallah

Co-Founder and Director of Manufacturing

Nabil brings 20 of electronic manufacturing leadership to Levven. Nabil’s skills of optimizing manufacturing processes and plant capacity is how Levven delivers a quality product to customer when they needed it.

Nabil enjoys spending his time between his work, his family and cooking.

Todd Phelps

Vice President of Engineering

Aiding the development team in transforming ideas into practical, well-designed solutions.

Todd is a electronics engineer with over 15 years of experience in industrial, consumer, and safety-related product development. He holds degrees in Electrical Engineering and Physics.

In his personal time Todd enjoys cooking, reading, and producing small projects ranging from artwork to tech gizmos.

Levven Jobs Hero

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Eager to build smart controls that lower the cost to build the home? Join our amazing team to give consumers more home for their money while conserving materials, energy, and money for the lifetime of the home. 

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