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Step-by-step guide on how to install and setup Levven Controls and Audio.


Fine-tune Levven Controls and Audio to best suit your needs after installation.

Quick Tips

Browse through this list of best practices and troubleshooting tips to find answers to commonly raised questions.

Levven Controls

1. Press the button on the controller – the LED on the controller will flash green.

2. Simultaneously squeeze and release both ends of the switch – the LED on the controller will flash green and red. This step must be performed within 60 seconds from Step 1. If not, the controller will stop blinking. Return to Step 1.

3. Press the button on the controller again to confirm the pairing – the LED will quickly flash green and then stop. 

Detailed video tutorial available here.


When the switch is paired with at least one controller, its LED indicator flashes when the switch is pressed. The flashing LED indicates that the switch has successfully communicated with its controllers.


The LED on the controllers indicate several states:

1. Solid green means the controller connected to power.

2. Solid red means the controller is activated.

3. Flashing green means the controller is waiting for a switch pairing or controller grouping.

4. Flashing red/green means the controller has received the pairing/grouping command and is waiting for a command to lock in the grouping/pairing.

5. Rapid green flashing followed by solid green means the controller has successfully locked in the pairing/grouping.

1. Connect Levven Q to power and to the home network.

2. It is necessary to pair Levven Q into the controller group in your home. Follow the steps in this video to pair a Levven Q into your home’s controller group.

3. Download the app to connect your mobile device to Levven Q.

4. Setup zones on the app.

Detailed instructions available here.

Pair a switch to as many controllers as you choose.

1. Use compatible LED disk lights to ensure dimming will function correctly. Get the updated list of supported LED disk lights here.

2. Make sure to set a Minimum & Maximum dimming levels on the controller. Detailed instructions available here.

Levven Audio

The LED indicator will continuously flash with a fast, high frequency when one of these conditions is detected:

1. The GoRave AR5 was set to operate beyond its specifications

2. The fault protection circuit has shut off the amplifier

Detailed instruction available here.

Levven Audio / GoRave app is now available from SKAA. Download the app here.

Check out Products page to find our wholesale & retail partners. Contact us to become a partner.

Plug in your Audio Sender and start playing some audio on your device. Now use the Connect Button on the Receiver to add that Audio Sender to the Receiver’s Favorites List.

Detailed video tutorial available here.

If you are experiencing problems with GoRave SKAA transmitter after updating your device to iOS 11, please contact our support department,  and we can help you resolve this issue.

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